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Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning has over 45 years experience Cleaning Upholstery in Hudderfield and have gained an excellent repuation locally with residents and businesses.

Our Sofa Cleaning process involves us using our Truck Mount Cleaning system which all our Vans have as standard. We use 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly Upholstery Cleaning products.
Regular Cleaning is not efficient enough to remove all the Dirt that has hidden Deep with the fibres of your Sofa. By not using a Professional Upholstery Cleaning company this inground Dirt will remain on your Sofa and is a major cause of health issues within your home. For more details please read on. Alternatively please complete our contact form and get a guaranteed reply within 24 hours Quick Quote

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Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning are experts in Upholstery Cleaning Huddersfield.  

We can rejevenate faded and dirty fabrics on your Sofas, Chairs and recliners using our Special Upholstery Cleaning process

Cleaning Uphostery regular will elimate germs, allergens and bacteria and can help eliminate health issues such as asthma and eczema.

Professional Sofa Cleaning is recommended by manufactures every 12 – 18 months which helps create a healthier home for you and your family.

Don’t take the chance of damaging your upholstery, hire a professional company that knows how to correctly ‘Steam Clean’ your Sofa without causing damage.

benefits of Upholstery Cleaning in Huddersfield
We provide all types of professional upholstery cleaning:
  • Dining Chairs
  • Fabric Sofa’s 
  • Leather Sofa
  • Ottomans
  • Car Upholstery
  • Curtains
  • Mattresses

How often should you get your upholstery cleaned?

Whenever you watch tv, invite friends over, or simply have some quality time with your loved ones, you’re probably seated on your upholstered sofa. Whenever you use your sofa, you’ll most definitely get yourself some tea or maybe some wine. Sometimes, you might spill some on your couch and promise yourself to get it cleaned. Probably you tried your best to keep your sofa clean, but that does not mean that you’ve kept it clean.


Upholstered furniture absorbs dust, fur, allergens, oils, and many different kinds of things on an everyday basis. But, more than that, if you let your pets use your couch, it will post more concerns to think about. For example, your pets will shed some of their fur or other biological fluids that will be difficult to remove.

If you have children, you’ll most likely have an abused couch. Your upholstered sofa may have experienced spilt juice or just some dirty hands after some fun outdoors. Your upholstered furniture will absorb these liquid substances and will be difficult to remove using ordinary cleaning materials. Instead, you may attempt to vacuum certain parts of your furniture and do some spot treatment. This process can help address surface dirt, but some stains will need some thorough cleaning.

More than that, if you attempt to clean your couch with the wrong cleaning agents, you are risking yourself for more cost. The best way to have your upholstery cleaned is to call a professional cleaning service to do it for you.

It is advisable to have your upholstery cleaned at least once or twice a year. Now, if you have pets or children, it is best to hire a professional sofa cleaning company as often as at least once a year to ensure that it is sterilized and void of any germs or deep stains.

What Upholstery cleaning services do we offer in Huddersfield?

Our staff members are specially trained in multiple styles of cleaning, so we can always choose the one best suited for your carpets and upholstery. Some of the standard options we offer are:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Low Moisture Cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Maintenance Cleaning
  • Truckmount Cleaning.

The newest addition to our Upholstery Cleaning arsenal is a truckmount carpet cleaner. It is far more powerful than standard portable cleaners and uses its own water and power supply. Because of this, a truckmount is able to superheat the water and remove every last speck of dirt from your carpets and upholstery. Never before have your carpets been so clean.

Dont let your Upholstery get old and dirty, keep it Fresh and Clean using a Professional Upholstery Cleaning company in Huddersfield.

Keeping your Carpets & Upholstery Clean is important. Clean furniture makes your home more inviting and allows for better air quality. Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning can take care of all of your Upholstery Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Huddersfield.

If your looking for the most cost effective Clean with the quickest drying times please get in touch.

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How long will it take to clean your sofa?

Getting your sofa cleaned can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. The method of upholstery cleaning would greatly determine the length of time your couch needs to get cleaned. When you hire a professional to work with your sofa, you get to have your sofa cleaned and disinfected and prolong its life.

If you come to think of it, imagine the amount of money you could save when you have your sofa maintained by a professional. The method by which the cleaning service chooses to best address your stained couch will also tell you how long before you could use it again. Suppose you are like most people who had probably forgotten when they last had their sofa cleaned, or worse, if they have never had it cleaned, your sofa is due for some thorough cleaning. If the upholstery cleaning company recommends having your couch cleaned with water, you will need a considerable amount of time to have it dried.

The process of using water to get your sofa cleaned is called hot water extraction. The first step the company would do is to apply some cleaning solution that will cover the entirety of your couch. Once the solution gets soapy, they begin a thorough scrubbing. After the cleaning process, clients usually wait around 8 to 12 hours to have their sofa dried. However, there are also fans to keep the air flowing to speed up the drying process.

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How much will it cost to clean my upholstery?

Before your upholstery gets cleaned, there will be materials and cleaning agents to complete the job. One sofa may be different from the other. Some cleaning companies have predetermined costs for different kinds of upholstery. However, it may not be beneficial for all.

For example, if your sofa is maintained often, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pay the same amount. Some couches might need some tender love and care if they experienced neglect for a considerable amount of time. Probably you think that it would be best that you clean your sofa. However, if you have never cleaned your sofa, or if you don’t have the suitable cleaning materials, chances are you may be in for a more expensive cost. You might accidentally use bleach to get hard to remove stains which may cause discolouration to your sofa. There are chemicals specifically designed to eradicate stains that may be available in the market. However, knowing the right amount to apply to your upholstery will need some considerable expertise. Above that, when using hot water extraction, a specific tool gets every stain away from your couch. Operating these tools will also take a professional not to leave any stains or unwanted odour from your furniture.

The best way to have your sofa cleaned and taken care of is by hiring a professional. If you live in Huddersfield, there are a lot of companies that can offer this service. However, if you are looking for the best and most affordable, you might want to consider Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning services. Not only do they clean carpets, but they also address deep stains on your upholstery. More than that, they offer a free quotation for the services you will need from them.