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Welcome to Fresh Start Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.

We are a local family run Business based in Huddersfield but also cover the surrounding areas including Bradford, Halifax and all of West Yorkshire.

Fresh Start have gained an excellent reputation with local residents and businesses over the years and have obtained over 600 – 5 star reviews and have a total of over 45 years experience in the industry offering the most competitive Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning services throughout Huddersfield and West Yorkshire.

We use the most advanced High Powered Carpet Cleaning machinery money can buy. These machines are a ‘Truck-mount’ petrol/LPG driven and can achieve a far superior Deeper Clean than any the cheaper electric type machines. Using our modern high tech machineries the heat and power combined are able to clean and sanitize your carpets and sofa rapidly and efficiently, furthermore your carpets will be touch dry usually within a few hours

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Why is it important to get your Carpets Cleaned regularly?

Many people install carpet in their homes due to the warmth, luxuriousness, and comfort it adds to the living area. Carpet as a decorative component is visually appealing, and that’s why many homeowners are always keen to add it to their decoration checklist. A carpet, just like clothes, needs to be cleaned routinely to keep it fresh and free from dirt. Many people neglect this decorative component due to the busy work schedules. In contrast, others consider it as a very demanding chore only to end up regretting later when it turns into a breeding ground for harmful mites and bacteria. Therefore, it’s vital to seek professional carpet cleaning services from within your local area.

If you’re within Huddersfield and want your carpet professionally cleaned, then look no further than carpet cleaning Huddersfield. The carpet cleaning company is ranked the best within Huddersfield and neighbouring areas. Additionally, the company boasts over 45 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, which means hiring their services; you can rest assured of quality work at an affordable price.

With that said, here are reasons why it’s necessary to have your carpet cleaned regularly.

  • Stain Removal

No matter how careful you’re, your carpet will undoubtedly endure spills and stills, especially if you’ve small children and pets in your house. Routine carpet cleaning will help eliminate any stains and impede them from sticking into the carpet permanently. With regular carpet cleaning, you won’t have to mind concealing those unsightly old stains beneath a rug or under the sofa. Nonetheless, cleaning your carpet routinely is pretty demanding; therefore, it’s prudent to look for a carpet cleaning near me. Carpet Cleaning Huddersfield is usually an excellent choice.

  • Extend its Useful Life

Cleaning your carpet regularly will undoubtedly prolong its useful life. This is because routine cleaning eliminates dirt and bacteria, among other substances that expedite its wear and tear. This is particularly essential in parts of the home when the carpet endures an extreme level of footfall or traffic like upstairs landing or the hallways. This will help you save on the cost since you won’t be required to replace the carpet prematurely.

  • Improved Look and Feel

Having your carpet cleaned by a professional will enhance not only the look but also the feel. Accumulation of dust and dirt in the fibres will prompt the fibres to become matted, causing the carpet to seem old and worn out in addition to feeling rough and flat no matter the amount of padding underneath. Professional cleaning eliminates the dirt and dust, which tears away the fibres in the carpet, which eventually makes them look good and feel softer for an extended period.

  • Improved Airflow

As peculiar as it may seem, a dirty carpet can hinder the airflow in your house. A buildup of dirt, dust, and debris in your carpet will compromise airflow, particularly in areas along the walls where the airflow needs to be continuous. A clogged carpet will make the various rooms in your home extremely unpleasant and musty. Vacuuming alone cannot get rid of all the debris, thus the need to have your carpet cleaned by a cleaning company with 5 start standards. Having your carpets cleaned by a reputable company like Carpet Cleaning Huddersfield will see you get the value for money as your home will experience improved airflow as well as quality.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Professional carpet cleaners make a carpet pretty easier to maintain—as most of the dirt and debris that clog the carpet stem from dry soils. Keeping the carpet thoroughly cleaned from time to time makes it easy to eradicate dry soils with routine vacuuming. Carpet cleaning specialists will handle the hard to remove stains and get rid of deeply attached substances in your carpet. Your regular maintenance will be much easier by having these significant issues resolved, meaning it won’t be a hassle to keep your rug in good shape.

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Why should I get my Upholstery Professionally Cleaned?

Undoubtedly furniture is one of the most significant investments many people will make in their homes. And because of that, you might want to have your upholstery professionally cleaned to safeguard that investment, particularly when it comes to the most used stuff like chairs and sofa. At first sight, it may look like an inessential expense, but having your upholstery cleaned by an expert will extend its useful life. Aside from providing a significant boost aesthetic appeal of your home, professional upholstery cleaning can even have additional perks to your home, such as improvement in the quality of air within your home and the health of its occupants.

Upon realizing that their furniture is fading or becoming smelly, many people embark on ordinary cleaning methods such as vacuuming or spraying with freshening products, which, after all, may not be enough to

freshen the appearance of their furniture. Considering furniture is an expensive investment, and you spend several hours a day using it, it’s worthy of hiring Upholstery Cleaning Huddersfield professionals to undertake the cleaning and give your furniture the look it deserves.

With that in mind, below are the reasons to have your upholstery professionally cleaned:

  • Ease Breathing Complications

Polluted air can be the root of impurities in the house. Many people clean their house routinely but forget to clean upholstery. If left unattended for a long time, upholstery can turn into a hotbed for the air pests and could be the cause of your deteriorating health. Professional cleaners recommend upholstery cleaning to be performed at least once per week. Failure to do so leads to the buildup of contaminants in the upholstery and can cause breathing complications, spark asthma attacks, among other problems. Residing in a house where contaminants are plenty is hazardous, but it can be eventually averted. Routine cleaning by Upholstery Cleaners near me can impede those health issues from taking place.

  • Prolongs Your Furniture’s Lifespan

You might be unaware of this, but frequent upholstery maintenance goes a long way in prolonging your furniture useful life. At times, homeowners get attracted to a specific piece of furniture, but untimely breakage or lack of maintenance can prompt them to replace their furniture with a new one. Routine cleaning restrains the development of mould, formation of rust, and buildup of dirt, which weakens the furniture’s integral structure if they find their way inside. Upholstery cleaners in Huddersfield can help prolong your precious furniture’s lifespan with the right cleaning tools and care.

  • Cuts Repair and Maintenance Expenses

Regular cleaning extends the lifespan of your furniture and other home items. Having your carpet’s fabrics, curtains, and mattresses professionally cleaned can prolong their lifespan saving money on replacement.

Also, with a professional upholstery cleaner, all the issues with bedevilling your furniture will be unearthed at an early stage, meaning it will cost you less to fix them than waiting until the problem worsens. According to experts, tidy furniture lasts longer than a soiled one; therefore, make an effort to have yours cleaned.

  • Enhances the Quality of Air

As mentioned earlier, the availability of dirt and other contaminants can get attached to the upholstery place the lives of those residing in the house in danger due to unclean air. The most effective way to eradicate contaminants and other harmful elements is to frequently clean all the items in your house, including the upholstery. Cleaning all the house items is tedious, especially without the right gear, making it worthy of leaving the job to a professional. So to have all the impurities removed from your furniture, hire upholsters cleaners in your local area to execute the job.

  • Cleans Everything in Your House

Upholstery professional cleaners clean not only the upholstery but also other items that need attention. They undertake sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, rug and table cleaning, and many more. So by hiring a professional cleaner, you will have everything in your home cleaned, including the carpet. We, as Upholstery Cleaning Huddersfield, are ready to handle your upholstery cleaning and help you reap all of the above-discussed perks.

Why should you choose Fresh Start Carpet Cleaning - Huddersfield


We have the best reputation throughout Huddersfield with over 600 - 5 star reviews. We are the highest rated Carpet & Upholstery cleaning company in the area.


Our Cleaning products are eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. Most of our products are child and pet safe.


Our prices are tailored for the real world, we don’t charge insane fees like the bigger Franchise companies do whilst not compromising on the quality of work.


We are a local and family run business living Huddersfield. We are not a Franchise which gives a more personal touch. As we live locally our reputation within the area is extremely important to us.


We have been trading for over 10 years, delivering Cleaning Solutions for both Domestic and Businesses in Huddersfield. We have 3 vans in total all equipped with the latest Truckmount Cleaning Machine.

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